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Organic Coconut Oil

organic coconut oil

Our Virgin Coconut Oil is made from coconuts grown on an organically certified plantation. This ensures a supply of high quality coconuts. Coconut Connections is the sole UK importer of this premium quality, OHGA certified organic, smooth, light and creamy virgin oil. The certification guarantees the production method, from the harvesting of the coconuts, right through the low heat production process, to packaging, labeling and delivery to your door.
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So What is certified organic virgin coconut oil ?

Pure virgin coconut oil is made from fresh coconuts, NOT copra (used for many cheaper coconut oils) and the final product should have a distinct fragrance and taste. Oils made from copra have to be refined bleached and deodorised to make them fit for human consumption and they have no fragrance or flavour. These most probably will be hydrogenated oils.

Virgin coconut oil from Organic Coconut Oil UK is certified through the growing, harvesting, production, repackaging and labelling of the oil. Any oil that claims to be organic and does not conform to the above specification is NOT organic virgin coconut oil. For example, if the oil is certified organic in its place of origin through the above procedures and then repackaged in a location that does not conform to organic processes, then the oil is no longer organic - you don't know where it's been or what else has happened in the middle.

Made with coconuts from traditional palms - not hybrid varieties. Our oil is:

  Free of GMO ingredients
  Free of chemicals
  Certified organic

These are the ideal qualities of best quality organic oil and agreed by the specilaists in the health industry.

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