Coconut Oil specification

There are now a number of different quality coconut oils available and depending on what you want to use it for, it probably makes sense to know the specification for superior quality virgin coconut oils. If you want an oil that is great for cooking and eating straight off the spoon, then you're probably hoping to achieve significant health benefits from it, and it would probably pay dividends to source the best quality oil that you can in the country or region that you live. We believe the best quality oils are:

Made from fresh coconuts, not "copra" (used for most coconut oils)

Made with coconuts from traditional palms - not hybrid varieties





Free of chemicals

Free of GMO ingredients

Manufactured with low level heat (below 60oC)

Certified organic though all stages of growth and production

* Most coconut oils on sale in the UK today are RBD (refined, bleached and deodorised), which generally means that they have no fragrance or flavour. These may or may not be hydrogenated oils.